Our Story

When we held positions as business executives, CEOs, teachers, and board members, we searched for a law firm that met our needs of attention to detail, understanding our unique needs, and providing exceptional customer service at a great value. We never found a firm that embodied all of these tenets, so we created it ourselves.

We built this legal practice around the core precepts that old fashioned values of customer service, attention to detail, and understanding your clients needs really mattered. We strive to meet these everyday.

We are the underdog's counsel. We work with established and emerging life science and technology companies. We grow and adapt to the constantly changing needs of our interconnected world. We continue to learn new things everyday and we share the benefit of our knowledge and our undaunted belief in the ability of our clients. 

We challenge our clients to do more and be better than they expected because we see our role as mentors and stewards of the valuable assets our clients have. By doing so, we also help contribute to the standard of care of everyone worldwide and further expand the foundation of the body of information that will be used by others one day to further expand on the state of the art and advance life sciences further for the next generation. 

We built a boutique law firm that lets us roll up our sleeves and address clients' needs head on, efficiently and leanly.

We view our mission as helping our clients transform the world.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” -- Tony Robbins